be Lou empty run into a carvings

appear from the clock of from day, people have been infatuating for the wheel gear in the chronometer, pulling the interaction of of pole and spring coil but.Therefore, the artistic talent is horizontal to overflow of make form teacher will take pleasure in the fascinating dance Zi of displaying its work inner part, this isn’t only no wonder, anti- pour to deeply be subjected to customer’s favor.This is the Lou to get empty to see through technical origins, a kind of aim is continuously challenging machine extreme limit, board, clipboard and up put the superb art of clipping the Lou.

art with the of Lou vulture

Patek Philippe(100 reach Fei beautiful) with lend this style of 5180 watches to bring another style to account for the traditional handicrafts connoisseur exquisite article, this Lou gets empty to see through watch and adopt super thin classic of 240 automatically last machine Xins are foundations, have a 22 K gold on the this machine Xin board mini put Tuo.This watch not only owns people Peng of ream however moves of luxurious allocation, will also lead a customer into, cent, second the marvellous tiny view world for constituting, uncover time that mysterious unfathomable veil.However, carry out the craft level of this target demand destitute and infinite patience, not of the common run art artistic talent and unique extreme achievement.

is an outstanding Lou to get empty the fine external appearance of 240 machine Xins of clairvoyance processing with super thin construct, 39 millimeters of platinum case of watches of diameters equally after simplifying of the biggest degree processing.The dial side adopts a shallow arc-shaped crystal form mirror, another side then with blue precious stone crystal glass deeply the cover seal completely.The case of watch Chen of the 18 K platinum turn also carried on Lou vacancy to manage, left 12 to act as object emanation.In order to bring into relief the art magic power of this best wrist form, be located in case of watch Chen turn under blue precious stone crystal glass deeply cover an edge have already dyed into a blue.Silvery sheen, ormolu wheel gear and bright ruby of charming indigo blue tone and Lou empty machine Xin form fresh clear contrast, more unique magic power.

all new Piaget(count) Altiplano 40 millimeters of crafts of large number watch it may be said delicate lightnesseseses makes.The case of watch provides larger space, can let top-class clock brand count at the same time to form style the features and machine Xin design has more freely and thoroughly of exertion, combine perfect two kinds of crafts.Super thin machine Xin’s embodying count is creating essence and brand special feature marking of professional technique of the realm of super thin machine Xin.Be loyal to original special and simple and direct lines of count and classic doctrine.

Altiplano series because of release diameter for the first time 40 millimeters of size styles but abundant.For greeting the form style of this all new size birth, the count is top-class to make form of workshop specially with carry to take diameter as 12 methods divide of the count 838 P self-made machine Xin, this hand moves super thin machine Xin of thickness only is 2.5 millimeter.All new size 40 millimeters of styles reserved Altiplano series all esthetics norm:Case of watch body form, mark for its low-key dial design to match list form or double form and Ba Dun Xing of Xian thin and high grace point needle(Baton) and is located in the small second hand turn of 10:00 position and at 3:00 the Piaget brand marking of position, each detail for the sake of perfect harmonious design but living.The platinum material case of watch has a blue precious stone crystal transparent bottom cover, considerable Xin that appreciate machine all adornment details, such as Genevan ripples, and blue steel screw…etc.

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