\Components of Business Environment

PriceGrabber published the results of a holiday shopping survey today. The company surveyed 3,574 online shoppers in late October about their holiday shopping plans.

Of those who responded, 35% did not own a smartphone, while 26% owned smartphones but did not have shopping apps on them. The remaining 39% have smartphones with shopping apps already installed. Of all those who have smartphones, 84% responded that they would use them to help with their holiday shopping.

Of those who own smartphones, 42% responded that they were planning Fake Swiss Omega to download new shopping apps specifically for holiday shopping. Of that group, 70% selected comparison shopping apps as the kind they were most likely to download. Meanwhile, 65% said they would download coupon apps, 62% said they would download barcode-scanning price check apps, and 46% responded that they planned to download apps specifically geared toward Black Friday sales.

When those who planned to acquire new apps were asked why, 56% responded that they believed the apps help find the best prices on items, while 50% cited the convenience of receiving discounts and price information on their phones, 44% cited a lack of time to go shopping in the traditional sense, 38% felt the apps enhance the experience of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, and 28% appreciated the location-based features of the apps.

Of those who intend to get new apps for shopping, 79% said they intended to use the apps for shopping on the go, while 74% said they would use them from home, and just 32% planned to use their phones to shop from work. This shopping is not limited to any specific kind of gift, either. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they would buy either big-ticket or small-ticket items from their apps, while 20% said they meant to do all their holiday shopping via smartphone app, 8% said they would only buy items that cost less than $100, and 5% said they would only buy items over $100.

Components of business environment
On the basis of extent of intimacy with the firm, the environmental factors may be classified into different levels or types. There are broadly two types of environment, the internal environment, i.e. factors internal to the firm and the external environment i.e. factors external to the firm which have relevance to it.
The internal factors are generally regarded as controllable factors because the company has control over these factors; it can alter or modify such factors as its personnel, physical facilities, organisation and functional means such as marketing mix to suit the environment.
The external factors on the other hand are, by and large, beyond the control of a company. The external or environmental factors such as the economic factors, socio-cultural factors, government and legal factors, demographic factors etc., are therefore generally regarded as uncontrollable factors.
Some of the external factors have a direct and intimate impact on the firm (like the

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suppliers and distributors of the firm). These factors are classified as micro environment, also known as task environment and operating environment. There are other external factors which affect an industry very generally (such as industrial policy, demographic factors etc.). they Fake Swiss Piaget Watches constitute what is called macro environment, general environment or remote environment.
We may therefore consider the business environment at three levels:
?Internal environment
?Micro environment/ task environment/ operating environment
?Macro environment/ general environment/ remote environment
Although business environment consists of both internal and external environments, many people often confine the term to the external environment of business.

Internal Environment:
The important internal factors which have a bearing on the strategy and other decision are outlined below.
?Value system: The value system of the founders and those at the helm of the affairs has…

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