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Oct 08, 2009
Korean jewelry is different from the higher prices of gold and silver jewelry.
It is usually composed of copper, aluminum alloy for primary materials and coupled with man-made pearls, acrylic beads, leather, wood and other materials. For the cheap price and trendy style, Korean jewelry is becoming the most popular jewelry in the world today. Meanwhile the business of wholesale Korean jewelry is becoming more and more common in today’s business world which can bring more profit for the dealer.

Two characters of Korean jewelry are as follows.
1. Colorful. The reason why Korean jewelry is eye-catching is that they have fresh colors and the colors are integrated into the youth. It may not have amazing shape and perhaps nothing incredible meanings, but it is definitely the brightest one in the shelf. This is called personality jewelry.
2. It combines the delicate oriental feminine traits into the jewelry. Korean manufacture attaches great importance to the handling details. It just likes a gentle euphemism for Asian women’s personality characteristics. Their character of always careful and thoughtful care to each other’s inner world is integrated into the design. So ,Korean jewelry is the best choice for the bride to attend the wedding ceremony.
South Korea started from the design style and focused on creating a new jewelry image. To form a theme of life, highlighting lovely, vibrant cultural image, and gradually widely welcomed by the market. Meanwhile, South Korea jewelry style is warm, elegant and well-crafted with exquisite materials such as freshwater pearl. Jewelry products and TV drama combined with popular Korean dramas in Asia is going to boost the South Korean jewelry cultural promotion, resulting in a very big influence.http://www.bjbead.com
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