\Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

2.1 Marketing a product  
Kotler and Armstrong (2010) define marketing as not only aking a sale?but atisfying customer needs?   They then expand on this to explain that the marketer has to understand their customer needs and promote the product effectively for it to sell easily (Kotler and Armstrong 2010).   This is backed up by an earlier version by Oliver (1986), explaining that the customers need to be aware that the product meets their requirements, and the company need to build a marketing plan that is aimed to sell the product effectively (Oliver, 1986, cited by Jones, 1996).  
Advertising can be defined as a paid for type of marketing communication that is non-personal, but aimed at a specific target market.   A main advantage of advertising being used as a promotional tool is that it is potentially low cost per target audience if the appropriate advert is used (Needham et al 1990).   Using adverts in magazines means that targeting an audience is more specific and easier to attract

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the right target market, especially in specialist magazines such as Horse and Baume et Mercier Fake Watches Hound (Hingston, P 2001).   However, according to Cowell (1984), marketing can be more than just advertising and sales promotion, it is a process that puts the customer central to the to the organisations decision making when selling their products (Cowell, 1984, cited by Irvine, 1995).  

2.2 Marketing strategy  
A businesses effort to attract customers to their organisation could be inefficient without developing a marketing strategy.   The company needs to make sure that their products meet customer needs and develop a long-term relationship between them to ensure company loyalty (business link,).   The strategy needs to be flexible in order to adapt to changes in the environment and the customers?demands and perception.  
The benefits of what the company has to offer should come across in the marketing Replica Roger Dubuis strategy and what is all good about the company.   The effect of the strategy should be…

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