Oscars Red Carpet Will Be ‘Spectrum of Colour’

The Oscars is the hottest ticket of the awards season and there’s a prize all the stars want to win before they even get inside the Kodak Theatre- to be declared the best dressed on the red carpet

Patty Fox is the the offical fashion consultant for the Oscars and she will be giving top tips to Hollywood’s elite as they hit the red carpet.

“This year will be anything from reds to browns to tangerines yellows … it’s going to be a wide spectrum replica watches ” she said to afp.

An Oscars outfit can make or break a star’s career- good or bad they are unforgettable- so it’s no suprise the world’s top designers are keen to cash on this priceless marketting opportunity.

In 2002 Elie Saab struck lucky when his stunning gown was worn by best actress winner Halle Berry replica longines fake watch giving the Lebanese designer’s profile a huge boost.

These days a lot of major fashion houses dress one star exclusively with Nicole Kidman always in Chanel Renee Zellweger loving Carolina Herrera and Julia Roberts is a true Valentino girl.

Juliana Cairone owns Rare Vintage a New York boutique where many stars get their hands on the dazzling designer dresses they wear on the red carpet: “Every woman when they have this amazing moment on the red carpet they want to have the best dress ” she told reuters.

Cairone predicted Grecian-inspired gowns replica longines fake watch strapless and one-shoulder necklines and sexy Bohemian looks for some of the younger nominees.

However t’s not all about the dresses- jewellery is big business too. Neil Lane a designer from Martin Katz rare jewels says someone will be sporting a four-million-dollar ring

“I can’t say who it’s going to be we have to keep the mystery ” said Lane to afp.

“Long ear-rings and bracelets and perhaps some long necklaces that we haven’t seen in a while ” he predicted.

So with just 48 hours Hollywood’s finest will be feeling the pressure of choosing their most important look of the year while the rest of us sit back relax and look forward to checking out the gorgeous style hits and hysterical fashion disasters that Sunday night will no doubt give us.

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